Mineral Makeup Recipe – Eyeshadow

Here are the steps to make natural mineral eyeshadow recipe:

  • Get these ingredients together: in bowl 1, mix 3 tablespoons micronized titanium dioxide, 1½ teaspoons magnesium stearate, and ½ teaspoon bismuth oxychloride.
  • In bowl 2, mix ¼ teaspoon jojoba oil and few drops of essential oil. And in bowl 3, mix 2 teaspoons iron oxide (your choice of color) and 2½ teaspoons sericite mica – matt.
  • Take the ingredients from bowl 3 and very gently, add it to bowl 1 ingredients. Mix everything properly.
  • If you want to add a shimmering effect in your eyeshadow, you can add pearl sericite as well. And for a less luster (sheer look), just add sericite mica – matt.
  • Now take the ingredients from bowl 2 and add in bowl 1. Again mix everything properly with the help of a spoon.
  • Take another bowl and sift the mixture to get fine powder. Add this to a small sifter jar.
  • If the color is not what you were looking for, to alter it, you can add more iron oxides. And if you want a lighter shade that what you have, add in titanium dioxide, sericite mica, and zinc oxide.

Now this is a base recipe for all eyeshadow colors. In the above mentioned recipe, you need to add either 1/4 teaspoon brown oxide, ½ teaspoon ultramarine violet pigment, 1/16 teaspoon red#180 oxide, ½ teaspoon aborigine coral mica, or 1/16 teaspoon red #180 oxide for various shades. By choosing different iron oxide colors, you too can add more eyeshadow colors in your palette.

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